*Doer of various things*

*Haver of personality*

  • They/Them please

  • Am NB, Demi

  • Don't talk good

  • Scared of Pylons

  • Green enjoyer

I go by Sandwich247 in almost all places
(gosh dang peeps stealing my name >:O )
and have done so since around 2007-ish
(that's more than half my life 👀)

I like to do all kinds of creative things like digital art, physical art, photography, a smidge of sewing, a weey-teeny smodge of 3D modeling, but I've spent the most total time making music in FL Studio 👀

Because I spread myself so thin, and seem to get a notion to try something new all the time, I'm not very competent at each of the things that I do, but I feel like I'm not too bad :P

  • Bigtime RSD sufferer

  • Probably have ADHD

  • Self dx autistic

  • Always brain-fog

  • Enjoys green